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Mosquito Control

Enjoying the great outdoors in Central Ontario and Muskoka comes with its own set of issues...stinging insects!


Due to the large demand for this service we now offer mosquito control for your home, business or recreational property. There is a two-step process involved in spraying around the exterior of your property. Both products we use are derived naturally from nature.


One spray is called a pyrethrin which is derived from the chrysanthemum flower. Almost every insect known to man hates this stuff! As far as pesticides go, it is considered one of the safer types. It has even been used on humans and pets in shampoos for lice and flea control.


Closer to the house we use a second treatment derived from garlic. Garlic is renowned for its ability to deter mosquitos. 


We want to be clear and we want to be honest with our customers. This is not a product where we come and spray and you will never see another mosquito again. The product begins to break down after three weeks, it is essential that it is applied at the peak time to get the maximum benefits. 


Are you having an outdoor party, wedding, gathering, barbecue etc? This treatment is perfect for such occasions to ensure that your guests have a great time and are not bothered by these pesky little bloodsuckers. 


As a side benefit, this treatment also will control other stinging insects such as mites, ticks and any wasps or hornets setting up shop around your building.


Contact us today for more information or to book your treatment. 


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